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OU on the BBC: Nation On Film - About the series

Updated Tuesday, 24th October 2006

This BBC/Open University series delves into Britain’s past to look at the country’s history as captured on film over the last 100 years.

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Through rare archive footage, Nation on Film takes a fascinating look at history from both sides of the camera. The series uses footage from public and private archives, and from individual amateur film-makers.

The stories are rooted in the archive material and the film-makers. It is through film, through the excitement and fascination of interrogating images, that we explore historical themes, and offer an engaging perspective on such themes.

The series therefore offers an insight into film history and a wider social history. We look at film-makers, their motivations and techniques, and the wider context in which they were operating. Each episode deals with the importance of film as source material for discovering more about the past.

The programmes cover a range of stories and themes, but all deal with subjects that have fascinated film-makers: wildlife, holidays, family life, motor cars, aviation and football.

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