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OU on the BBC: Protecting Our Children

Updated Tuesday 14th February 2012

Follow a Bristol social work team through a year of tough decisions and complex caseloads.

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Louise on the phone Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: Sacha Mirzoeff Social worker Louise takes a call in her office Protecting Our Children follows five lead social workers from Bristol City Council and highlights the life-changing decisions they make on a daily basis for the city’s children.

It documents the trials of a social worker’s job and the complex decisions they have to make, focusing on social work’s most critical dilemma; when it is right to remove a child and when it is safe for them to be reunited. Social work involves a careful balancing act and often involves social workers putting themselves in vulnerable positions to risk assess a child’s household.

The documentary was filmed over 18 months and is about five children who are on the frontline of child protection in Bristol.

Protecting Our Children is on BBC Two and the BBC HD Channel on Monday nights at 9.00pm from Monday 30th January. For more broadcast details and links to iPlayer, visit

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