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OU on the BBC: Rough Science 1: Mediterranean - About the series

Updated Thursday, 27th September 2007

The first set of Rough Scientists set out for the unknown - what challenges awaited them?

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Programme one
Swapping their hi-tech labs for a disused prison, five scientists are ferried to a mystery Mediterranean island where they have to pool their collective wits to complete a series of science-based challenges. There are exploding bottles, failed experiments and the occasional difference of opinion - at the same time as some genuine ‘Eureka’ moments. This week - can they work out their exact latitude and longitude, manufacture an insect repellent from scratch, and improvise a radio from an old saucepan? Presented by Kate Humble.

Programme two
The Rough Scientists tackle a series of science-based challenges, using just the natural resources of the island. This week - can they improvise a low-tech camera and film, make a compass, and dye a flag? Seawater, seaweed and urine prove to be indispensable ingredients, but tempers begin to fray as things don’t quite go to plan.
Presented by Kate Humble.

Programme three
This week Jonathan Hare and Mike Leahy go head to head in a race to generate power, while Mike Bullivant and Anna Lewington set about building a pharmacy. They extract and dispense a string of natural remedies including an antiseptic made from myrtle and olives, and an anti-flatulent from fennel seeds (to combat one of Mike Leahy’s less appealing habits!)
Presented by Kate Humble.

Programme four
For the last programme of the series, the Rough Scientists face the ultimate challenge - can they use their science skills to put food on the table? Mike Bullivant has an epic struggle to make soap, while Vanessa Griffiths improvises toothpaste from seaweed, seashells and mint.
Presented by Kate Humble.





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