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OU on the BBC: Rough Science 4 Death Valley: The challenges

Updated Tuesday, 29th August 2006

See how the team coped with the various tasks thrown at them.  

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The Rough Science team with the all-important box of supplies Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: Production team

The series begins with our team of Five Rough Scientists making a dramatic helicopter arrival at their new base - an abandoned silver mine on the edge of Death Valley in the United States. Kate introduces the theme of the series; it's going to be all about space exploration! Each week they will pit their improvisational science skills against a different set of space related challenges. The ultimate aim? To see if our scientists have the right stuff to take on the might of NASA in their own backyard! As usual the scientists have electricity and basic tools at their disposal, plus whatever they can find lying around the mine. Each week they also get a trunk full of extra bits and pieces that may - or may not - help them with that week's challenges.

Episode 1: Rover
Episode 2: Communication
Episode 3: Spacesuit
Episode 4: Impact
Episode 5: Aerial Surveyor
Episode 6: Rocket

Rough Science 4: Death Valley in more depth:





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