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OU on the BBC: Rough Science 5 Zanzibar - Video Extras

Updated Wednesday, 9th August 2006

The science that just couldn't fit on TV: Watch the Rough Science video extras.

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Get a little bit more Rough Science here on Open as we bring you some of the pieces that there just wasn't time to show on the TV.

Coral Shipwrecked
Come with us for a swim around the reef and discover the secret life of coral.
Shipwrecked video extra


Vulcanisation Lost at sea
Get a little further into rubber.

Lost at sea video extra


Ellen explains her plan to Kate Call of the wild
Ellen tries to persuade Kate that she needs to be bitten...



Call of the wild video extra


Can the team power a lighthouse using coconuts? To the lighthouse
A lovely bunch of coconuts... but how will they light the way?



To the lighthouse video extra


Mike and Kate discuss sacrifice The reef
Can Mike overcome the corrosive power of the sea?



The reef video extra


Preparing for the dive Beneath the waves
Can the team keep the pressure off Kate?



Beneath the waves video extra

Rough Science 5: Zanzibar in more depth:





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