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OU on the BBC: Science Shack - Welcome from Adam

Updated Friday, 2nd June 2006

What's Science Shack all about anyway? Adam Hart-Davis gives us the low down on the series in his personal welcome.

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Hello and welcome to the Science Shack website!

In Science Shack, my team and I search for answers to fascinating science questions by carrying out huge experiments and attempting seemingly impossible challenges. If you thought science was something in a textbook, think again! We tackle those all-important questions - like can we walk on water, can we fly like a bird, or make ourselves invisible. Along the way the build team set about creating some amazing devices to help explain the science.

Each week, the Shack (my mobile laboratory shed) is taken to a different location, where the Science Shack engineering team build the incredible mechanisms I need to answer the question.

In the first series we had a rocket-powered bike, a warm bath heated by a cold river and a homemade Millennium Bridge. In Series 2 the challenges get ever more ambitious, as I judge a walking on water competition, attempt to fly like a bird and am lifted onto the top of a skyscraper – made out of paper. I also test-drive an invisible car, spend time in an underwater shack and make an attempt on the world high jumping record. Have a look under TV summaries to see for yourself.

Science Shack is a series where YOU can really get involved. Viewers contribute to the challenges and a group came along to each location to show their own ideas, and keep me on my toes.

Why not take inspiration from the Science Shack team and try some science projects at home? To get you started there are instructions for ‘make your own’ items in the Challenges section. These vary from simple things, like my personal favourite the jumping cups, to really challenging model ornithopters. There is something to suit everyone.

Hope you enjoy the series!


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