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OU on the BBC: Silverville - About the series

Updated Friday, 17th July 2009

A different way of seeing older people: The BBC and The Open University tell the tales from Silverville.

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We’re all getting much older – it won’t be long before a quarter of us are over retirement age. Pensioners already out number the under 16s and the over 80s are the fastest growing age group.

We’re trying to keep fitter and healthier than ever before and we’re demanding more from our later years.

For some, moving to a retirement village is the answer. Already a popular choice in America, retirement villages are springing up across Britain - purpose-built communities offering security, companionship and independence for the over 55s.

Silverville follows the lives and loves of some of the 350 residents of a new retirement village in Milton Keynes. How will they cope - and how can they thrive - as they get to grips with a different way of living?

Retirement communities are one option for our rapidly aging population; residents can buy their own apartment or bungalow, share the ownership, rent, or be funded by social services and there’s care on hand if they need it.

The village – which cost more than £30 million to build - has a shop, hairdressers, gym, bar, restaurant and a packed schedule of leisure activities and events.

As the government puts increasing emphasis on promoting independence for older people, offering them choices, and improving their quality of life. Retirement villages could be the answer for some.

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