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OU on the BBC: Stardate - Previous Stardates

Updated Monday, 28th November 2005

 Stardate ran for a number of months in the early part of the century.

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Stardate leaflet

Previous Stardate programmes have included:

June 2004 The Transit of Venus:
What is the AU?
The history of the transits
Safe observing

September 2004 Close Encounters:
Is it a meteorite?
Was it a meteorite?
Avoid or exploit?
Fear in the skies
About Toutatis
The naming of asteroids
History of asteroid-hunting
Finding asteroids in space

January 2005 Mission to Titan:
Are manned missions worth it?
Exploring the solar system
Voyage to the planets
Landing on other planets

July 2005 Deep Impact:
The Mission
Impact weblog
Is the mission worthwhile?
Comets - snowballs in space
Comets - essential guide
What are comets?





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