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OU on the BBC: Stargazing LIVE Series 2 - Episode 3

Updated Tuesday 17th January 2012

The hunt for extra terrestrial life is discussed on the final night of Professor Brian Cox and Dara O Briain's astronomical adventure

On the final night of their astronomical adventure, Professor Brian Cox and Dara O Briain discuss aliens, extra terrestrial life and the hunt for new worlds far outside our solar system. They also find out if they’ve been successful in their quest to find their own Stargazing planet.

Meanwhile, Mark Thompson attempts to tackle light pollution by getting the entire population of a small town to switch off all of their lights.

The third and final episode of Stargazing LIVE will air Wednesday 18th January at 20:00 on BBC Two.

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Want to know more about SuperWASP?

The SuperWASP search for 'hidden' planets was featured in the third programme. Here's some background on that project:


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