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OU on the BBC: Sunday Surgery - About The Programmes

Updated Thursday 15th September 2005

From myths to the media, AIDS to pregnancy, go behind the headlines and get the facts with Sunday Surgery. Find out  about the programmes.

Girls dancing in nightclub Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: BBC Programme 1: Myths and Realities, Fads ‘n’ Phases
This programme, the first in the series on sexual health matters, kicks off with a look behind some the myths and realities of sex. Under discussion are such diverse issues as sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy, peer groups, sexuality, first time sex and parenthood. In the audience, and among the interviewees, will be young people, sexual health professionals, parents and teachers.


Programme 2: Building Healthy Relationships
The second in the series moves the sexual debate on to issues covering communication, confidence, self-esteem, and teaching safe sex messages through fear, as occurred in the 1980s - AIDS campaign. The audience and interviewees for this programme will include young people, sexual health professionals, parents and teachers.

Programme 3: Sex in the UK: Is Sex Education Working?
Sexual health issues enter the classroom in this programme, under discussion will be 'how effective is the teaching of modern sex education?' We take a look at the current DfES curriculum and how it’s delivered. We also discuss the rights of young people in terms of education, sex and society, the law and homosexuality.

Programme 4: Media and Me
In the final programme in this series on sexual health matters, we conclude with sexual issues relating to the images of sex and sexuality on television, in music, the Internet and in magazines. We explore the pressure that the media exerts on the young. In the audience will be drama script writers, advertising executives, music industry stylists and young people.

First broadcast: Sunday 25 Sep 2005 on BBC Radio 1

Sunday Surgery in more depth:


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