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The Bottom Line - Promiscuity rules?

Updated Thursday, 23rd June 2011

Evan and his guests discuss whether there is room for loyalty in big business, or are companies just on the look out for short-term flings?

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The view from the top of business. Presented by Evan Davis, The Bottom Line cuts through confusion, statistics and spin to present a clearer view of the business world, through discussion with people running leading and emerging companies.

This week Evan's executive guests hail from the worlds of banking, headhunting and advertising. He asks them about loyalty - or rather the seeming lack of it in business. Are companies generally looking for short-term relationships of convenience, with loyalty gone and promiscuity the rule? Evan also asks them how they measure how well they're performing.

Evan is joined in the studio by Michael Morley, chief executive of private bank Coutts & Co; Robin Wight, president of communications agency Engine; Alistair Cox, chief executive of global recruitment firm Hays.

The Bottom Line can be heard on BBC Radio 4 on Thursdays and Saturdays, or via Listen Again; the same episodes can be seen on the BBC News Channel at weekends and via BBC iPlayer.





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