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The Bottom Line at the Design Museum

Updated Wednesday, 14th July 2010

Evan Davis cuts through the confusion of modern life to find out what's really important to consumers and businesses: the gimmicks, the people, the products - and the relationships.

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Evan Davis and guests record a recent edition of The Bottom Line Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: BBC

In a special programme recorded at the Design Museum in London, Evan Davis and his panel of top business guests discuss economic recovery in Britain and design.

There's been a lot of debate about what we need to do right now to get out of the economic doldrums. But in this edition we'd like to take a longer-term view - what competitive advantage does the UK have on the global economic stage, and what will the mix look like in ten years or more? Evan discusses manufacturing, financial services and the creative sector with the panel.

Also on the agenda, design. Many people are familiar with the two aspects of good design - form and function. Both are undoubtedly important - but can we go further than considering only what a product looks like, and how it works? We'll scratch the surface and find out what makes good design - and bad design as well.

Evan's guests are pottery and tableware designer Emma Bridgewater; John Hitchcox, chairman of property developers Yoo; and Brent Hoberman, executive chairman of

First broadcast: Saturday 21 Feb 2009 on BBC News





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