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OU on the BBC: The Hidden Slave Trail - Meet the presenter

Updated Tuesday 17th October 2006

Historical novelist Philippa Gregory turns detective as she presents 'the hidden slave trail'. Follow the path of her own journey, from history studies to today's acclaimed writer in about the presenter.

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Novelist Philippa Gregory was born in Kenya and moved to England as a young child. After her first degree in history from Sussex University, she worked for BBC Radio for two years, before going on to complete a PhD in 18th Century Literature at Edinburgh University. She's taught at the University of Durham, the Open University and in 1994 was made a Fellow of Kingston University.

Philippa's academic background has given her a knowledge and enthusiasm for many periods of history, but particularly for the Tudor period and the 18th century. Her novel 'A Respectable Trade', about slave trading in Bristol was adapted by Philippa for a BBC drama series. Her script was nominated for a BAFTA, and it brought her an award from the Committee for Racial Equality.

Philippa's historical novels have been widely published and include The Queen's Fool, The Virgin's Lover and The Other Boleyn Girl, the latter being made into a BBC historical drama. Philippa is a regular contributor to newspapers and magazines, with short stories, features and reviews. She's also a broadcaster on BBC Radio 4 and is the Tudor expert for Channel 4's Time Team television programme.

The Hidden Slave Trail in more depth:





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