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OU on the BBC: The Other Medicine - About The Other Medicine

Updated Tuesday, 14th September 2004

Anna Ford explores the controversial subject of complementary and alternative medicine.

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Presenter Anna Ford samples some therapy

Here in the UK, about twenty per cent of us will use some form of complementary therapy every year, spending millions of pounds on treatments. This BBC Radio 4 series explores the personal experiences, the scientific debates and the power struggles at the heart of the complementary medicine boom.

Presenter Anna Ford asks why so many of us are attracted to complementary therapies, how they can affect our health and well-being, and whether, in the future, they will ever become fully integrated with NHS care. Along the way we'll discover how even deciding if complementary therapies have a positive effect can be controversial. We'll also meet students studying to be the next generation of therapists to explore why standards of qualification vary so much from discipline to discipline.

Whether you're a sceptic or already convinced of the benefits of medicine beyond the Western orthodoxy, you may find your preconceptions being challenged.

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