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OU on the BBC: The Story of Wales

Updated Thursday 9th February 2012
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From the cave at Paviland to the ex-council houses of Merthyr, explore the surprising story of Wales

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Huw Edwards outside Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: BBC The Story of Wales is presented by Huw Edwards Explore the history of Wales and stories of its biggest icons.

The Story of Wales starts with a reconstruction of the earliest known human burial in Western Europe—the 'Red Lady' of Paviland, 29,000 years ago.

Its epic story runs through Hywel Dda’s uniting Wales under one law, the Welsh at the heart of the Tudor court, through the immense pace of change in the country as coal mines and iron works flourished, right up to present day devolution.

The Story of Wales will be shown again from Thursday 25 July on BBC One Wales. Read about each programme and get broadcast information using the link below.

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