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OU on the BBC: The Things We Forgot To Remember - About the series

Updated Friday, 13th May 2005

This isn't revisionist history - it's restorative history. Find out more about the series.

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Series presenter Michael Portillo

In this major series, Michael Portillo will revisit some of our history's best known moments to discover that many of them are just convenient stories that historians and/or politicians have spun for our consumption and that have entered our consciousness unchallenged. During the course of each programme another less well-known, and often concealed, event is revealed as being at least as important as the more familiar one - but that has been eclipsed for a variety of interesting, occasionally scurrilous reasons.

This is why the series is called The Things We Forgot To Remember

This is not a revisionist history, it's a restorative history: It's not saying that one event is untrue and another should replace it in history, but suggesting that history can play tricks on us, and that we should not be so easily deceived.

Interviews with leading historians, new oral archive and in-depth analysis from one of Britain’s sharpest political minds combine for a fascinating look at the things we thought we could remember…

The Things We Forgot To Remember in more depth:





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