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The Things We Forgot To Remember - Magna Carta

Updated Wednesday, 22nd November 2006

Michael Portillo and The Things We Forget To Remember reassess the Magna Carta.

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We venerate the Magna Carta as the foundation rock of English political development. But the sort of law that it enshrined was not as important as that which was put into practice by another charter passed two years later: the Forest Charter.

Forest Law - and the customary rights to a material life which it enshrined – set out the terrain over which English men and women would struggle for 500 years, arguing about the simple right to make a living.

Michael Portillo reinvigorates this lost charter and discovers the shady political expediencies that made Magna Carta worth remembering.

You can read a transcript of this programme.

First broadcast: Monday 16 May 2005 on BBC Radio 4





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