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OU on the BBC: Theo's Adventure Capitalists

Updated Saturday, 1st May 2010

Join Theo Paphitis as he follows nine companies seeking to expand their overseas markets.

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Theo Paphitis follows the fortunes of nine very different British companies in three very different countries. It’s not a game. These are real companies, doing real business, with real money – and real reputations – at stake. They each have around a week in their chosen market to see if their business plans stack up. A week to research that market, meet the key contacts and – most vitally of all – decide if their business is going to work there or not. They’ve all done their homework back in Britain. But now the theory has to take back seat to the reality. Doing business in another culture – as our companies find out – isn’t easy. There are all kinds of pitfalls ahead. Cultural differences, red tape, import duties, ingrained consumer habits, and a different way of doing business.

The three countries

Learn more about the companies, the markets they'll be heading to - and some tips for doing business in the three countries.

A view from the Business School

Following the Adventures of Theo's Capitalists shows some key trading lessons - if you're thinking of trying a spot of overseas business, listen to the advice of Theo and our panel of Business School experts.

Theo's tips from the top

Theo Paphitis shares some of the lessons his adventure capitalists learned during their attempts to do business overseas - and one or two they didn't.





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