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OU on the BBC: Thinking Allowed - About the series

Updated Thursday, 13th March 2008

Thinking Allowed, the long-running BBC Radio 4 series, is teaming up for a series of specials with the Open University

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The Open University will be involved in six programmes between Christmas 2007 and summer 2008.

Series presenter Laurie Taylor is excited by the partnership: "I am particularly pleased about the new partnership between Thinking Allowed and The Open University. In the radio programme we have always endeavoured to make the social sciences relevant and accessible to an audience with diverse backgrounds and experience.

"The distinguished history of social science at the Open University has always displayed a very similar concern. Joining forces should, therefore, be of great benefit to both listeners and students"

Professor Sophie Watson from the Open University’s Department of Sociology outlined what listeners could expect to hear: "The first three programmes will look at cities which have a long history of division, and which are now in the process of being overcome through new initiatives involving architects, planners and social policy advisors.

"The programmes address a number of questions, the most important of which is how the past exerts pressure on the present and how different memories of a city can be represented and recorded.

"The final three programmes will involve discussions held at Open University residential schools between academics and politicians concerning key social research issues."

You'll be able to find the latest about the programmes - and find extra, background information - here on OpenLearn.





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