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Thinking Allowed - Security firms

Updated Tuesday, 13th March 2012

This week's subject is private and military security, timely considering some UK police force's moves to use more security firms. Find out more... 

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Paul Higate, Reader in Gender and Security at Bristol University will join Professor in Sociology at Exeter University Anthony King in the Thinking Allowed studios this week where they will be discussing  private and military security. 

Private security firms are in the news - a national contract worth £3.5 billion is being rolled out to privatise police functions. Eight public prisons are being market tested with future private contracts worth £2.5 billion. And the largest security company in the world, G4S, figures in all these developments. Read what John Grayson who works with the South Yorkshire Migration and Asylum Action group (SYMAAG) says about the 'symbolic glass floor'. 

Thinking Allowed is on BBC Radio 4 at 4.00pm, Wednesday 14th March. For further broadcast details, and to listen again, visit




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