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Truth Will Out - Study at the Open University

Updated Thursday, 19th April 2007

If this series has sparked your desire for knowledge, take your interest to the next level with a course from the Open University.

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Have the topics in this series sparked your imagination? Perhaps you would like to learn more? A course from the Open University could be just the thing for you! Check out our courses page for a list of what is on offer, or visit our science faculty website.

Here are some courses with relevance to the programmes that may be of interest:

Global Warming is Caused by Human Activity
Y161 - Introducing Environment (Available from 2007)
T172 - Working with Our Environment: Technology for a Sustainable Future

There is Intelligent Life Elsewhere in the Universe
S282 - Astronomy
S283 - Planetary Science and the Search for Life

The Mapping of the Genome Will Transform Medicine
SXR376 - Molecular Basis of Human Disease

The Natural Limit of Our Life is Threescore Years and Ten
SK277 - Human Biology

CJD is Caused By BSE
U205 - Health and Disease
S320 - Infectious Disease

Human Evolution Has Stopped
SK277 - Human Biology
S366 - Evolution

Truth Will Out in more depth:





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