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OU on the BBC this week 04-12-10 to 10-12-10

Updated Friday 3rd December 2010

 There's a statistical theme this week, as More Or Less returns to shake truth from statistics, and we dive into the Joy Of Stats.

Saturday 4th December

7.00pm BBC Four Life
David Attenborough turns his attention to plant life on planet Earth in the ninth part of the series.
Explore: The Tree Of Life
Have we found a second genesis?

Monday 6th December

12.20am BBC One & BBC One HD Coast
Neil and his Coast squad scan the South and West of Wales for tales of life by the sea.
Watch: the battle between puffins and rats

10.00pm BBC Four Berlin
Another chance to see Matt Frei's revealing portrait of the German capital.
Explore: Berlin's cultures and neighborhoods

Tuesday 7th December

2.30am BBC Four Berlin

11.00am BBC Radio 4 Saving Species
In a special programme in front of an audience, the biodiversity programme comes face-to-face with 100 swans.
Explore: The Museum Of The Dead, resting place of the soon-extinct

12.30pm BBC Two Wales Coast
Surprises from the South-East of England, as Mark Horton peeks over a writer's wall.
Explore: 20th Century Authors - Making The Connections

9.00pm BBC Two Wales, Northern Ireland & England The Foods That Make Billions
Concluding the investigation into how staple products become premium brands, what turned yoghurt into a dairy powerhouse?
Quiz: What drives your yoghurt choices?

9.00pm BBC Four The Joy Of Stats
Hans Rosling makes data sing as he proves that statistics aren't boring.
Watch: Crime mapping San Francisco

11.20pm BBC Two Scotland The Foods That Make Billions

Wednesday 8th December

Midnight BBC Four The Joy Of Stats

3.30am BBC Four The Joy Of Stats

Thursday 9th December

12.10am BBC Two (except for analogue viewers in Northern Ireland and Wales) The Foods That Make Billions

9.00pm BBC Radio 4 Saving Species

Friday 10th December

1.30am BBC Radio 4 More Or Less
Tim Harford crunches the statistics that shroud our lives - rescuing numbers from soundbites and restoring their position.
Watch: The Joy Of Stats


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