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OU on the BBC this week 06-11-10 to 12-11-10

Updated Friday 5th November 2010

Radar, koalas, rebranding and the end of the Great War - just a few of the subjects covered by Open University programmes on BBC TV and Radio this week.

Saturday 6th November

7.00pm BBC Four Life
David Attenborough explores birds - amazing in the air, equally amazing on the land.
Watch: The penguins of Deception Island
Mastery of the air - how creatures took to the skies

7.30pm BBC Two England & Northern Ireland Coast
The team explore the Western Isles - and discover soaring eagles.
Explore: The rocks which make up the British Isles
Watch: Heligoland - the bird's pit-stop

9.30pm BBC News Channel The Bottom Line
Evan and his boardroom-level guests ask what makes a good company name, and how established firms can face down the challenge of start-ups.
Watch: Evan Davis on dyanmic companies
Watch: Leslie Budd on changing your name but keeping your customers

8.30pm BBC Two Timewatch: The Last Day Of World War One
Michael Palin tells the stories of the last soldiers to die during The Great War.
Watch: Michael Palin on death on the eve of Armistice
Listen: Does the end of the war offer a good start for understanding the conflict?

Sunday 7th November

2.30am BBC News Channel The Bottom Line

3.30pm BBC News Channel The Bottom Line

5.45pm BBC Two England, Wales & Northern Ireland Coast
A quick visit to the Faroe Islands.
What is causing British seabird populations to struggle?

6.15pm BBC Two Scotland Coast

9.30pm BBC News Channel The Bottom Line

Tuesday 9th November

11.00am BBC Radio 4 Saving Species
Koalas are at the heart of this week's exploration of species on the edge.
Museum Of The Dead: paying tribute to the extinctions of the 2010s

7.00pm BBC Two Coast: Series 3
Along the East Anglian coast, with tales of early radar, disastrous floods and the beauty of Southwold.
The flood of 1953
The defence of the coastline; the defence of the Realm

Thursday 11th November

9.00pm BBC Radio 4 Saving Species

Friday 12th November

1.55am BBC One Olympic Dreams
It's just two years before our young British athletes will be facing the crowds as the Olympics reach their home territory. How are they coping?
Watch: Tom Daley, Jessica Ennis and others explain how they get into the right frame of mind for competition
Watch: How do athletes cope when it gets tough?

Saturday 13th November

1.40am BBC One Eyewitness
Ten members of the public see a staged crime in a Manchester bar. Can we trust their recollections as to what really happened?
Watch: Could you identify the criminal?

2.40am BBC One Olympic Dreams
In tonight's episode, rowers, weightlifters and synchronised swimmers gear up for the moment that could change their lives.
The importance of family for sporting success
Watch: Why do people get into sports - and why do they keep on with them?


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