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OU on the BBC this week 09-04-11 to 15-04-11

Updated Friday 8th April 2011

A twenty year trip to Titan, and an exploration of the street. Join us for some great journeys.

Saturday 9th April

12.50pm BBC Two Scotland Coast shorts
How can you make glass from sand?
Does glass flow downwards?

5.45pm BBC Two Wales, Northern Ireland & England Coast shorts

Sunday 10th April

8.00pm BBC Radio 4 More Or Less
Stats - with a twist
Confusing terms in statistics

An arrow shaped storm on Titan Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: NASA/JPL 10.00pm BBC Four Destination Titan
John Zarnecki shares the story of a mission to another moon.
Watch: John Zarnecki on Titan


Monday 11th April

12.15am BBC Radio 4 Thinking Allowed: Streetlife
As the OU links up with Thinking Allowed once more, how does the street influence our culture?
Exploring the streets

2.30am BBC Four Destination Titan

7.30pm BBC One England and Wales Bang Goes The Theory
The team look into lasers - not literally, of course - and explore citizen science.
Watch: How to use your microwave to measure the speed of light

8.00pm BBC HD Channel Bang Goes The Theory

Tuesday 12th April

7.00pm BBC Two England & Northern Ireland Coast
Everybody needs good neighbours - and the Coast team visit our nearest, tripping over to France.
The nuclear debate

9.00pm BBC Four Destination Titan

Wednesday 13th April

3.00am BBC Four Destination Titan

1.30pm BBC Two (except for analogue viewers in Northern Ireland and Wales) Coast shorts
The art of the Southwold coast.
Why not try beachcombing?

4.00pm BBC Radio 4 Thinking Allowed
Another investigation into the stories about society, led by Laurie Taylor.
Why is the OU Thinking Allowed?

Friday 15th April

1.30pm BBC Radio 4 More Or Less
More stats - with a twist
Watch: The Joy Of Stats

8.30pm BBC One Scotland and Northern Ireland Bang Goes The Theory


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