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OU on the BBC this week 13-11-10 to 19-11-10

Updated Friday 12th November 2010

 Mark Horton peeps over a wall into the life of a celebrated author, and how can we beat the invaders? It's all in Open University programmes on the BBC this week.

Saturday 13th November

7.00pm BBC Four Life
David Attenborough gets close up with insect life, and reveals why there's nothing creepy about the crawlies.

Watch: Filming Dawson's Bees

7.15pm BBC Two England, Wales & Northern Ireland Coast
A skittering trip to Trondheim, Svalbard and the Lofoten Islands.
How a cemetery in Svalbard could save millions of lives

9.30pm BBC News Channel The Bottom Line
This week, Evan and his guests grapple with disasters and the question of dress codes in offices.
Watch: Evan Davis on dress codes
Can microbes clean up oil spills?
Watch: Coping after the Camelford disaster

Sunday 14th November

2.30am BBC News Channel The Bottom Line

2.35am BBC One Coast
A circular tour of the Irish sea takes in every country in the British Isles
The rocks that make up the British Isles
Watch: The Coast roundtable - what do OU academics do behind the scenes, beside the sea?

3.30pm BBC News Channel The Bottom Line

7.00pm BBC Two Northern Ireland Coast
In a journey that takes Neil, Alice and the others from Berwick to Aberdeen, the links between the Scottish capital and the sea are revealed.
Clydebuilt: The industrial heart of Scotland
Listen: Neil Oliver takes a walk around Edinburgh

9.30pm BBC News Channel The Bottom Line

Monday 15th November

2.45am BBC One Eyewitness
Identifying a suspect is difficult enough - but when you've been the victim of a violent crime, it gets even higher. The difference between recognition and recall is explored through our volunteers' reactions to a staged crime.
Watch: Why are eyewitnesses sometimes so unreliable?

Tuesday 16th November

11.00am BBC Radio 4 Saving Species
It's not just human activity which can damage species' survival chances. This week, the programme looks at the threats of invasive species.
Listen: Jeama Stanton on unwelcome life in British streams
Listen: The life of the Mississippi Marshlands

7.00pm BBC Two England Coast
The South East is the focus of this visit, with Mark Horton peeking over Kipling's wall and Alice Roberts floating on a cushion of air
Mapping live shipping data around the Isle Of Wight
Bird life around the UK coats

Thursday 18th November

11.00am BBC Radio 4 Saving Species


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