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OU on the BBC this week 20-11-10 to 26-11-10

Updated Friday 19th November 2010

A watery week as the bottled water industry, life in British rivers and visits to the Coast are among the OU highlights on BBC TV and radio.

Saturday 20th November

7.30pm BBC Two England, Wales & Northern Ireland Coast shorts
Twenty minutes is just enough time to visit the most expensive property in the country, and find out what happens to old donkeys.
Minimising risk when investing in property

9.00pm BBC Four Life
David Attenborough explores the interplay between those who hunt, and those species that are hunted.
Predation and parasitism

9.30pm BBC News Channel The Bottom Line
Evan and his guests from the boardrooms of major companies consider email in the office - and where those offices should be placed.
Watch: Janette Rutterford on email

Watch: Raghav Bahl on location

Sunday 21st November

2.30am BBC News Channel The Bottom Line

3.30pm BBC News Channel The Bottom Line

5.00pm BBC Two England & Northern Ireland Coast shorts
Alice Roberts visits a plant which supplies twenty per cent of Britain's gas
Watch: Energy for a sustainable future

5.00pm BBC HD Channel Coast shorts

7.30pm BBC Two Wales Coast
Neil Oliver and the team explore the Scottish Islands.
Listen: Neil Oliver takes a walk around Glendale

9.30pm BBC News Channel The Bottom Line

Monday 22nd November

2.25am BBC One Coast
The journey reaches the south west of England, travelling through Dorset, Devon and Cornwall.
Why Chesil Beach is like the planet Titan

1.45pm BBC Two (except for viewers in Northern Ireland & Wales watching on analogue TV) Coast shorts
The flatlands of East Anglia meet the sea.
The history of the Suffolk horse

Tuesday 23rd November

2.50am BBC One Eyewitness
Ten members of the public see a staged crime in a Manchester bar. Can we trust their recollections as to what really happened?
Watch: Could you identify the criminal?

11.00am BBC Radio 4 Saving Species
How much river life is supported in the waters of the UK?
Watch: Eel life

1.45pm BBC Two England, Northern Ireland & Scotland Coast shorts
Nicholas Craig hears the story of Dylan Thomas as he travels the Welsh coast.
Free courses: OpenLearn's Wales LearningSpace

7.00pm BBC Two England & Wales Coast: Series Four
The team cross the Channel to discover the delights of our French neighbours.
Listen: the sea sounds experiment.

9.00pm BBC Two The Foods That Make Billions
NEW SERIES. How do you take a staple product, like water, and turn it into a billion dollar industry?
Your choice, your brand: What makes a perfect water brand?

Watch: Danone's Bernard Hours on why brands endure - or fail

Wednesday 24th November

11.20pm BBC Two The Foods That Make Billions

Thursday 25th November

1.55pm BBC Two (except for viewers in Northern Ireland & Wales watching on analogue TV) Coast shorts
Mussels are a big business - nowhere more so than at the fishery visited by the team.
The science and history of seafood

9.00pm BBC Radio 4 Saving Species


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