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What The Ancients Did For Us - The Britons

Updated Wednesday, 12th January 2005

Find out more about The Ancient Britons programme, part of the BBC/OU's 'What the Ancients Did for Us' TV series

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A lot of people still think that we were just woad-covered savages before the Romans came along. Well, we weren't - firstly we weren't covered in woad but dressed in a rather elegant new-fangled invention - trousers; more importantly we were organised, spiritual, technologically advanced Brits with European business connections – all without towns and cities or being able to read and write!

This programme shows the evolution of the people of Britain from Stone Age hunters to Iron Age warriors. From early people who used animal bone picks to dig mines to a society skilled in the use of metallurgy, bronze, iron and gold. From a nomadic existence to a society organised into tribes with their own coinage and identities. From farmers using simple wooden ploughs to ferocious warriors driving thousands of chariots and repulsing the invading Roman army of Julius Caesar.

First broadcast: Wednesday 16 Feb 2005 on BBC TWO

What The Ancients Did For Us in more depth:





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