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Word4Word - Where can I find information about language online?

Updated Thursday, 28th July 2005

If you've had your ears pricked by Word4Word and would like to explore the rich landscape of local variations of language in more depth, why not sample some of the resources available online?

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Voices - the official website of the BBC Voices project

Language Lab - Voices' investigations and surveys section - including a study into variations within British Sign Language

Voices Where I Live - Voices gets local, in partnership with the BBC Local Radio network

Word Of Mouth - Radio 4's long-running programme exploring words and how we use them

Elsewhere on the web:

David Crystal - an internationally respected expert on the English language

Varieties of English in the British Isles - aimed at AS level students, but of interest to everyone

Oxford English Dictionary online - the online version of one of the primary English reference works. The dictionary itself requires a subscription, but there are free features on the site, including a chance to contribute to the next edition of the dictionary

World Englishes Resource Site - hosted at Purdue University in the US and stacked with suggested links and reading

International Phonetic Association - their official site, including an introduction and explanation of the standardised symbols used to represent pronunciation

The Sounds of English and Spanish - University of Iowa site offering an interactive guide to the shapes and sounds of the two languages

Speech accent archive - based at George Mason University in the US, the archive features 441 different accents

Teesspeak - an excellent starting point if you're interested in the dialects and accents on Teesside and beyond

The Bank of English - a joint project between Birmingham University and Harper Collins publishers collecting a database of spoken and written English [Public access is limited]

British Council - the UK government's international organisation for education and cultural relations, including the teaching of English worldwide

British Association for Applied Linguistics - a professional association based in the UK, which provides a forum for people interested in language and the applications of linguistics and a set of ethical guidelines

The BBC and The Open University are not responsible for the content of external websites.

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