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OU on TV and radio - 02-03-13 to 08-03-13

Updated Friday, 1st March 2013

Bang returns with a new team member - and there's something of a feast of Attenborough on Eden.

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Saturday 2nd March

Maggie Philbin Creative commons image Icon AlisonW under CC-BY-SA under Creative-Commons license BBC One, 7.30pm, Monday 9.00am Eden Life In Cold Blood
David Attenborough explores the lives of reptiles and amphibians...
How might climate change affect life in cold blood?

10.00am Eden Life In The Undergrowth
… and then it's the turn of insects, spiders and invertebrates.
Life in the old log yet...

2.00pm Eden Life In Cold Blood

3.00pm Eden Life In The Undergrowth

5.30pm BBC Radio 4 The Bottom Line: Bricks and mortar retail
Selling things in actual shops, like before the internet. Is there a future in it?
Watch: Sainsbury's Justin King on high street shopping

7.00pm Eden Life In Cold Blood

8.30pm Eden Life In The Undergrowth

Sunday 3rd March

1.00am Eden Life In Cold Blood

2.00am Eden Life In The Undergrowth

Monday 4th March

12.15am BBC Radio 4 Thinking Allowed
Racism in communist nations, and why do some girls dress like their mothers?
How does 'gender' develop as children grow?

7.30pm BBC One England & Scotland Bang Goes The Theory
Maggie Philbin joins the team as Bang returns for more science you can use.
Free course extract: Living without oil

10.00pm Eden The Code
Marcus DuSautoy unravels the way numbers drive the universe.
Take the Grandmaster of Mosaics challenge

Tuesday 5th March

7.00pm BBC Two Wales & Northern Ireland
Bang Goes The Theory

9.00pm Yesterday Secret History Of Our Streets: Reverdy Road
The story of a respectable working-class enclave of Bermondsey.
The stories behind our streets

Wednesday 6th March

11.00am Eden Frozen Planet
People who have adapted to life in the Polar regions of the planet.
Explore the Poles from the comfort of your own home. Or office.

3.00pm Eden Frozen Planet

4.00pm BBC Radio 4 Thinking Allowed

8.00pm Eden Frozen Planet

Thursday 7th March

Midnight Eden Frozen Planet

8.30pm BBC Radio 4 The Bottom Line

Friday 8th March

5.00pm Eden Life
David Attenborough explores the way plants have colonised the world.
Explore woodland habitats

10.00pm Eden Life





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