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OU on TV and radio this week - 05-01-13 to 11-01-13

Updated Friday 4th January 2013

Brian and Dara return to scan the skies - but it's the Wetlands Centre who have the problem with alien inavasions.

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Sunday 6th January

Brian Cox Creative commons image Icon Bob Lee under CC-BY under Creative-Commons license BBC Two, Tuesday to Thursday, 8.00pm 8.00pm BBC Radio 4 More Or Less
What does the parable of the ox tell us about financial markets, and which is the best racehorse of all time?
The datasleuth tracks the norovirus

Tuesday 8th January

11.00am BBC Radio 4 Saving Species
How does the Wetland Centre cope with alien species?
Find out more about alien species

8.00pm BBC Two Stargazing Live
Dara O'Briain and Brian Cox are back with another three nights of the most fascinating staring into space you'll ever have.
Order your free star guide

Wednesday 9th January

8.00pm BBC Two Stargazing Live
Tonight, Dara and Brian look deep into space, and deep into the past.
Watch: how can we study exoplanets if we can't see them?

Thursday 10th January

8.00pm BBC Two Stargazing Live
Dara and Brian catch a ride with comets, asteroids and meteors.
How do we keep track of asteroids?

9.00pm BBC Radio 4 Saving Species

Friday 11th January

4.30pm BBC Radio 4 More Or Less





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