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OU on TV and radio this week - 10-02-12 to 17-02-12

Updated Friday 10th February 2012

 Laurie Taylor and guests turn to weighty matters, and the last episode of Protecting Our Children witnesses some tough calls.

Saturday 10th February

5.30pm BBC Radio 4 The Bottom Line
Evan Davis and guests ask if you have to have a huge ego to succeed - and if Europe can do start-ups properly. The face of a weighing scale Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: 72soul | BBC Radio 4, Monday, 12.15am
Watch: Richard Farliegh on investing in start-up enterprises

Monday 12th February

12.15am BBC Radio 4 Thinking Allowed
What's so good about the good life, and why are we obsessed with the obese? Laurie Taylor explores the social sciences for an answer.
Changing attitudes to obesity over time

9.00pm BBC Two England, Wales & Northern Ireland & BBC HD Channel;
11.20pm BBC Two Scotland Protecting Our Children
In the final programme of the series, three very different challenges to the social work team shows how 'the right thing' isn't always obvious.
Could you survive a day in the life of a social worker?

Wednesday 14th February

4.00pm BBC Radio 4 Thinking Allowed

Thursday 15th February

8.30pm BBC Radio 4 The Bottom Line


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