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OU on TV and radio this week - 10-12-11 to 16-12-11

Updated Friday 9th December 2011

 A late-night trip to the Frozen Planet, and questions about how far people should interfere with other's parenting.

Sunday 11th December

3.55pm BBC One England, Wales & Northern Ireland Laurie Taylor Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: BBC BBC Radio 4, Monday 12.45am & Wednesday 4.00pm
6.00pm BBC Two Scotland Frozen Planet
David Attenborough concludes the series with a personal view of what the future might hold as the planet heats up.
The basics of climate prediction

Monday 12th December

12.15am BBC Radio 4 Thinking Allowed
Attitudes to sex, and approaches to parenting, explored by Laurie Taylor and guests
Is it okay to interfere in other people's parenting?

Tuesday 13th December

11.00am BBC Radio 4 Saving Species
The 2011 series of Saving Species concludes with a round-up of conservation stories.
Life in the polar sea ice

Wednesday 14th December

1.20am BBC One England, Scotland & Northern Ireland Frozen Planet
Another chance to catch Frozen Planet, showing with sign language.
Order your free poster while stocks last

4.00pm BBC Radio 4 Thinking Allowed

Thursday 15th December

9.00pm BBC Radio 4 Saving Species


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