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OU on TV and radio this week - 12-01-13 to 18-01-13

Updated Friday 11th January 2013

A second chance to catch Stargazing, though no longer live - and are men working in shops recreating masculinity?

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Saturday 12th January

A menswear mannequin Creative commons image Icon tubblesnap under CC-BY-NC-SA licence under Creative-Commons license BBC Radio 4, Monday 4.00pm BBC Two Stargazing Live
Missed Stargazing Live? Here, back-to-back, are all three programmes covering everything from life on Mars to Dara O'Briain's space-traveling doppelganger.
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Monday 14th January

12.15am BBC Radio 4 Thinking Allowed
Are young men working in shops bringing a softer kind of masculinity?
Boys will be boys? Gender and wellbeing

Tuesday 15th January

11.00am BBC Radio 4 Saving Species
Marine conservation around the UK.
Try a course extract: Managing coastal environments

Wednesday 16th January

4.00pm BBC Radio 4 Thinking Allowed

Thursday 17th January

9.00pm BBC Radio 4 Saving Species





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