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OU on TV and radio this week - 13-04-13 to 19-04-13

Updated Friday 12th April 2013

Is there a distinct philosophy of Thatcherism, and will bodies stack up outside graveyards in the future?

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Sunday 14th April

Sign announcing closure of toilets due to government cuts Creative commons image Icon nicohogg under CC-BY-NC licence under Creative-Commons license Cut and cut again? Thatcherism considered - BBC Radio 4, Monday 3.30pm BBC Two Secrets Of Our Living Planet: Waterworlds
In a programme not featuring Kevin Costner, Chris Packham explores how life in the water depends on other lives in the water.
Explore British habitats

Monday 15th April

12.15am BBC Radio 4 Thinking Allowed
As Margaret Thatcher is laid to rest, Laurie and guests ask if she had a philosophy which will outlive her.
Remembering Thatcherism

2.05am Yesterday Timewatch: The Princess Spy
What was the true story of Norma Baker, the SOE spy?
Can you feed the nation in wartime?

7.30pm BBC One England, Scotland & Northern Ireland Bang Goes The Theory
Can engineering find solutions to overcrowded graveyards?
Designing a sustainable crematorium

Tuesday 16th April

6.30pm BBC Two Wales Bang Goes The Theory

9.00pm BBC Two Keeping Britain Alive: The NHS In A Day
Continuing a compendium of clinical curiosities from across the country.
Order your free Keeping Britain Alive booklet

Wednesday 17th April

4.00pm BBC Radio 4 Thinking Allowed

11.20pm BBC Two England, Wales & Northern Ireland;
11.50pm BBC Two Scotland Keeping Britain Alive: The NHS In A Day





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