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OU on TV and radio this week - 13-10-12 to 19-10-12

Updated Friday 12th October 2012

Does HS1 show our engineering in a good light? And what part did pigeons play in the war?

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Saturday 13th October

High Speed Train on the HS1 route Creative commons image Icon Shirokazan under CC-BY licence under Creative-Commons license HS1, BBC Two, Sunday, 8.30pm 4.15pm BBC Two Scotland The Story Of Wales
Huw Edwards concludes his history of Wales with a look at the recent past.
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5.15pm BBC Two Scotland Wartime Farm Episode 6
Food imports slump badly as the war reaches 1943 - can the churchyard help feed the livestock?
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5.30pm BBC Radio 4 The Bottom Line
Evan Davis and CEO guests on the stretch for perfection.
Watch: Jon Molton on how to make investment decisions

5.45pm BBC Two England, Wales, Northern Ireland & BBC HD Wartime Farm Episode 6

Sunday 14th October

8.30pm BBC Two & BBC HD Built In Britain Episode Two
Evan Davis considers current engineering projects, and what the future might be like for the UK infrastructure.
What makes Britain timeline

9.30pm BBC One Andrew Marr's History Of The World
Andrew Marr explores the golden age of Islam.
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Tuesday 16th October

12.25am BBC One England Wartime Farm Episode 3
Put that light out! Pull the blackout curtains and catch up with Wartime Farm.
Can you beat the Ministry and keep the nation fed?

11.00am BBC Radio 4 Saving Species
Should media companies that make money from the natural world pay for the privilege?
Listen: The hitch-hiking insect

Wednesday 17th October

10.30pm BBC HD Built In Britain Episode Two

Thursday 18th October

12.25am BBC One Northern Ireland Wartime Farm Episode 3

8.00pm BBC Two & BBC HD Wartime Farm Episode 7
New episode: The farm prepares for the invasion of Normandy.
Food during the World War

8.30pm BBC Radio 4 The Bottom Line

9.00pm BBC Radio 4 Saving Species





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