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OU on TV and radio this week - 14-09-13 to 20-09-13

Updated Friday 13th September 2013

Who let the dogs out? We did. In a very real sense, we did.

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Sunday 15th September

Dogs wearing sunglasses. It's come to this. Creative commons image Icon Pacdog under CC-BY licence under Creative-Commons license BBC2, Thursday 8.00pm BBC Radio 4 More Or Less
The news is made of numbers. More Or Less makes sense of them.
Postcode Patterns: social science data visualised

Monday 16th September

4.15pm BBC Two Seven Ages Of Britain First of four different instalments of David Dimbleby's art-guided history of these islands this week.
Free OpenLearn course: History of commemoration

Tuesday 17th September

4.15pm BBC Two Seven Ages Of Britain

Wednesday 18th September

4.15pm BBC Two Seven Ages Of Britain

Thursday 19th September

4.00pm Eden Life In The Undergrowth
David Attenborough explores the magical and mystical world of invertebrates.
The cicada's surprising lifecycle

4.15pm BBC Two Seven Ages Of Britain

4.30pm BBC Radio 4 BBC BBC Inside Science
Adam Rutherford gathers a bunch of new thinking from the world of science.
Watch: Introducing health sciences

8.00pm BBC Two England, Scotland, Northern Ireland The Wonder Of Dogs
Kate Humble discovers the secrets of breeding that have created such a wide range of dogs.
From dog afterlife to tech-savvy pooches, get closer to dogs in our hound hub

9.00pm Eden Life In The Undergrowth

Friday 20th September

4.40am Eden Life In The Undergrowth

4.00pm Eden Life
David Attenborough continues his journey through the range of life on the planet.
Free OpenLearn course: The insect hunters

4.30pm BBC Radio 4 More Or Less

9.00pm Eden Life





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