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OU on TV and radio this week - 20-10-12 to 26-10-12

Updated Friday 19th October 2012

The end of hostilities means it's the last visit to Wartime Farm, while Andrew Marr is just starting to conquer the planet.

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Saturday 20th October

The BBC's Frank Gillard reports on VE Day Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: BBC Frank Gillard reports for the BBC on VE Night. Watch our Wartime Farmers recreate the day on BBC Two, Thursday 5.00pm BBC Two England & Wales & BBC HD; or
6.00pm BBC Two Northern Ireland; or
6.30pm BBC Two Scotland Wartime Farm Episode 7
As the Normandy landings are prepared for, greater strain than ever is put on the land.
Order your free Wartime Farm booklet

5.30pm BBC Radio 4 The Bottom Line
Evan Davis asks top businesspeople about hitting overcapacity.
Watch Willie Walsh on the future for International Airlines Group

Sunday 21st October

9.00pm BBC One Andrew Marr's History Of The World: The age of plunder
Out from Europe went the explorers, to inform the rest of the planet it could consider itself discovered.
Watch Andrew Marr on four great historical landmarks

Tuesday 23rd October

12.25am BBC One England Wartime Farm Episode 4
Late-night catch-up with an earlier session on the farm.
Can you beat the ministry and keep Britain fed?

Tuesday 24th October

12.45am BBC One Northern Ireland Wartime Farm Episode 4

11.00am BBC Radio 4 Saving Species
Is our affection for - and protection of - raptors causing imbalances in the wider ecology?
Listen to Richard Dawkins on natural selection

Thursday 25th October

8.00pm BBC Two & BBC HD Wartime Farm Episode 8
New Episode: The war is finally at an end - but the struggle for our farmers goes on.
Food crises of the Second World War

8.30pm BBC Radio 4 The Bottom Line





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