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OU on TV and radio this week - 24-08-13 to 30-08-13

Updated Friday 23rd August 2013

David Attenborough, Iain Stewart, Huw Edwards and Michael Scott. It can't be Paul O'Grady every week, you know.

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Monday 26th August

Huw Edwards on Welsh coastline Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: BBC 10.35pm, Wednesday, BBC One 4.15pm BBC Two Journeys From The Centre Of The Earth
Iain Stewart concludes his tour round the Med.
Good rock, bad rock

Tuesday 27th August

9.00pm BBC Four Ancient Greece: The Greatest Show On Earth
Michael Scott travels to the birthplace of drama to explore the origins of modern entertainment.
Timeline: how satire echoed down the ages

Wednesday 28th August

2.30am BBC Four Ancient Greece: The Greatest Show On Earth

Thursday 29th August

10.35pm BBC One Wales The Story Of Wales
Huw Edwards brings his story of Wales up to date.
Order your free Icons of Wales booklet

Friday 30th August

4.00pm Eden Life
David Attenborough continues to explore the things that breathe, eat, sweat and live all over the planet.
Watch: Richard Dawkins on Charles Darwin

4.00pm Eden Life





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