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OU on TV and radio this week - 28-07-12 to 03-08-12

Updated Friday 27th July 2012

It's not all Olympics, as More Or Less explores gun control. But there's also some Olympics, too...

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Saturday 28th July

A sign prohibiting use of firearms Creative commons image Icon static461 under CC-BY-NC licence [Warning: Image page contains swearing] under Creative-Commons license BBC Radio 4, Sunday, 8.00pm 6.00pm Yesterday
7.00pm Yesterday +1 Coast Series Four
Swimming with seals and a remarkable escape from Wales.
Explore life on City Road, Cardiff, through three centuries

Sunday 29th July

8.00pm BBC Radio 4 More Or Less
Tim Harford and guests unpick statistics - including asking if tighter gun control will really reduce murder rates.
Watch: Meaningless and meaningful correlations

Monday 30th July

12.15am BBC Radio 4 Thinking Allowed
How did the East Germans dominate the Olympics during the nation's short life?
How can a historian feel nostalgia for the Berlin Wall?

Friday 3rd August

4.30pm BBC Radio 4 FM More Or Less





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