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OU on TV and radio this week - 29-06-13 to 05-07-13

Updated Friday 28th June 2013

The business of selling water, and the business case for putting a price on small birds.

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Saturday 29th June

5.30pm BBC Radio 4 The Bottom Line
Making a business from an essential product: Evan Davis meets the water industry.
Free course extract: Water as a source of nutrition

Monday 1st July

12.15am BBC Radio 4 Thinking Allowed: Crime in the armed forces
Laurie Taylor discovers how the army reflects the society from which recruits are drawn.
Free course extract: The meaning of crime

4.00pm Eden Bang Goes The Theory s6 e7
Jem attempts to fly his way over traffic jams.
Avoid motion sickness - a doctor tells you how

4.30pm Eden Bang Goes The Theory s6 e8
The science of pets - and Dog Mastermind.
Order your free Matrix Of Modern Life poster

9.00pm Eden Bang Goes The Theory s6 e7

9.00pm BBC Radio 4 Shared Planet: Global Collapse
The OU's Joe Smith explores how the media copes with apocalyptic stories.
Listen to an extended version of the interview with Joe

9.30pm Eden Bang Goes The Theory s6 e8

Tuesday 2nd July

4.40am Eden Bang Goes The Theory s6 e7

5.05am Eden Bang Goes The Theory s6 e8

7.32pm BBC World Service Click
Continuing the season exploring how technology is reshaping how get around.
Bad robot: Should there be a law?

Wednesday 3rd July

2.32am BBC World Service Click

9.32am BBC World Service Click

4.00pm BBC Radio 4 Thinking Allowed

Thursday 4th July

11.00am BBC Radio 4 Shared Planet: Valuing Nature
Why the Dutch place a Euro value on some small birds...
Free course extract: Caring and accountability

8.30pm BBC Radio 4 The Bottom Line





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