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OU on TV and radio this week - 30-07-11 to 05-08-11

Updated Friday 29th July 2011

Tom Dychoff goes to the foot of our stairs, Nick Crane goes to the seaside and Marcus du Sautoy goes to infinity and - naturally - beyond.

Monday 1st August

12.15am BBC Radio 4 Thinking Allowed
In the last of the current link-ups between the OU and Thinking Allowed, Laurie Taylor meets Martha Nussbaum.
Let's hear it for Aristotle

8.00pm Channel 4 The Secret Life Of Buildings The sculpture House by Rachel Whiteread Creative commons image Icon notti cabiria under CC-BY-NC-SA licence under Creative-Commons license Tom Dychoff turns our homes inside out. Not literally, though, as Rachel Whiteread did.
New series, new channel - The Open University arrives on Channel 4 with Tom Dychoff exploring the nature of our homes.
Watch: A series of designers share their tips and secrets

9.00pm BBC Four Great Thinkers: In Their Own Words
The great philosophers of the last century, as captured by the BBC Archive.
Free course extract: Two concepts of freedom

Tuesday 2nd August

2.50am BBC Four Great Thinkers: In Their Own Words

8.00pm BBC Four The Story Of Maths
Marcus du Sautoy concludes his series by considering the idea that numbers don't ever end.
Watch: Zeno's paradox

11.20pm BBC Two except for analogue viewers in Northern Ireland and Wales Town With Nicholas Crane
A second chance to catch Nick Crane exploring Ludlow.
Ludlow: The loveliest town in England

Wednesday 3rd August

1.30am BBC Four The Story Of Maths

9.00pm BBC Two The Code
The second part of Marcus du Sautoy's unpacking of the numbers that are at the heart of everything.
Game: Become a grandmaster of mosaics

10.25pm BBC Four Syrian School
Back to our Damascus schoolkids, who this week are plunging into exam season.
The challenges of schooling the displaced

Thursday 4th August

9.00pm BBC Two Town With Nicholas Crane
In Town tonight, Nicholas Crane visits Scarborough to explore the history of the fish town that became a fashionable spa.
My Town, Your Town, Whose Town?


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