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Penalty shoot out game

Updated Thursday, 10th June 2010

Are you going to waste it like Waddle or smash it like Shearer? Play our strategic shoot-out football game to find out how you'd fare.

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Please note: The remake of the 'Penalty Shoot out' game is currently in development. We are hoping to launch the new updated version in 2021 so keep checking back.

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Ever wondered what it takes to kick the perfect penalty? This game uses academic research into the science behind penalty-taking, giving you the chance to step into a manager's shoes during a nail-biting penalty shoot out.

Choose your five players based on their experience, confidence, status and more then choose your tactics. You will then be given the option to challenge a friend or play the computer. Then watch as the shoot out unfolds with each player taking their penalties – and you choosing the direction of your players' shots. Win or lose, the results will be based on real academic research – and a bit of luck of course! And remember, you can have all the skills and knowledge but sometimes, luck isn't on your side!

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