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OU on the BBC: All in the Mind - PTSD and mobile phone distraction

Updated Monday, 1st December 2014

PTSD and distraction from mobile phones are just some of the topics explored in this week's All in the Mind. 

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In the BBC's All in the Mind, Claudia Hammond and guests delve deeper into the potential and limits of the human mind. 

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On this week's programme:

Driving and distraction from mobile phones

A study from Canada shows that if someone phoning a driver can see the driver’s road ahead, the driver is far less likely to have an accident. This show explores why using mobile phones - even hands-free ones - while driving is so dangerous.


A new intensive seven-day course of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is just as effective as standard Cognitive Behavoural Therapy for PTSD. But can it work for everyone?

Drugs to treat symptoms of schizophrenia

There are two new potential drugs to treat symptoms of schizophrenia: one hopes to improve memory, the other is based on compounds found in cannabis and could target delusions and hallucinations.

Music in vegeative states 

Guest Catherine Loveday from the University of Westminster discusses recent research on the effect of music on people in a vegetative state.

Memory and career

Also in the programme: why do some professions keep your memory stronger in later life?

This edition of All in the Mind is first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on Tuesday 2nd November 2014. For further details, and to listen online where available, please visit the BBC website.

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