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OU on the BBC: All in the Mind - Winter 2013/2014 series

Updated Wednesday, 4th December 2013

Catch up on the series that explores the limits and potential of the human mind.

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Programme one

First broadcast: 12th November 2013

The first ever edition of All in the Mind was broadcast in October 1988. For its 25th anniversary, Claudia Hammond and guests look back at archive editions of the programme to explore how attitudes to mental health have changed over the last 25 years.

Programme two

First broadcast: 19th November 2013

Claudia Hammond and guests look back at archive editions of the programme to examine what impact psychology research has had on our lives over the last 25 years. How does evidence-based psychology affect policy decisions? Is psychology just 'proving the obvious' or has it offered insights into ourselves which we could never have guessed?

Programme three

First broadcast: 26th November 2013

In 1988 scientists predicted that new techniques of scanning the brain would lead to exciting innovative treatments for diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. Researchers were enthusiastic about the possibilities of seeing what went on in the brain. Many had high hopes that this would help us understand how and why mental health problems develop. Claudia and guests discuss how much progress has been made in this fast-growing field.

Programme four

First broadcast: 3rd December 2013

For its 25th anniversary All in the Mind launches three new awards to recognise outstanding help, support or advice in the field of mental health. Also in the programme, a new look at one of the most famous and controversial psychology experiments ever. In 1961, Stanley Milgram ran a series of experiments where unwitting volunteers were ordered to give increasing electric shocks to a man they'd never met under the guise of research into memory. Many gave a series of increasing shocks up to 450 Volts despite hearing screams and calls for help from the unseen 'victim'. But it was a set up. The shocks were fake and the victim was an actor. The results of Milgram's obedience research caused a worldwide sensation. Milgram reported that people had repeatedly shocked a man they believed to be in pain or even dying and he linked his findings to Nazi behaviour. But was his version of the results really what happened?

Programme five

First broadcast: 10th December 2013

How do you change teenagers' negative body images? Psychological strategies can help young people defend themselves against unrealistic expectations and stop them "fat talking".

Programme six

First broadcast: 17th December 2013

Can rituals like blowing out candles on a birthday cake or carving a turkey at the table before eating improve the taste of food? Claudia Hammond talks to Michael Norton from Harvard University about his new research which shows the effect can work for chocolate and even carrots.

Programme seven

First broadcast: 24th December 2013

An All in the Mind Christmas special where Claudia Hammond looks at the musical brain.

Programme eight

First broadcast: 31st December 2013

Claudia Hammond finds out why your exercise regime could be hindered if you have been taxing your brain too much. Also in the programme: the moral distress experienced by nurses, and more results from the BBC Stress test and what it reveals about mental wellbeing.

Programme nine

First broadcast: 7th January 2014

What is it like to start a new business when you have got a serious mental health problem?

Programme ten

First broadcast: 14th January 2014

Claudia Hammond reports on a pilot mental health triage scheme with the Leicester police force.

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