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OU on the BBC: BBC Inside Science – Iceman and badger culls

Updated Thursday 5th December 2013

This week's programme looks at the badger culls, the Antarctic expedition, microplastics and uptalk like a Valleygirl.

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In BBC Inside Science, Adam Rutherford, colleagues and guests illuminate the mysteries and challenge the controversies behind the science that's changing our world.

On this week's episode:

  • Badger culls: With the end of the second cull, we ask what direction the science points on this subject
  • Antarctic expedition: Professor Chris Turney reacting the steps of forgotten explorer Douglas Mawson's 1913 expedition to the Antarctic. You can also explore the polar regions with our Frozen Planet interactive
  • Microplastics: The enviornmental damage that the millions of tonnes of tiny fragments of plastic have on ecosystems and organisms
  • Uptalk like a Valleygirl: Study suggestes that uptalk, the upward inflection at the end of sentences, is spreading to young men too.

Listen to BBC BBC Inside Science

Tune in to BBC Radio 4 on Thursday 5 December at 16:30 to listen to this week's programme. More information and a link to listen again later will be available from the BBC's Inside Science pages.


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