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OU on the BBC: BBC Inside Science - Listener Q and A

Updated Tuesday 16th December 2014

On New Year's Day, an oceanographer, a cosmologist and a zoologist will take listener questions. 

In BBC Inside Science, Adam Rutherford and guests illuminate the mysteries and challenge the controversies behind the science that's changing our world.

On this week's programme:

Q and A Special: Adam Rutherford and his guests, oceanographer Dr Helen Czerski, cosmologist Dr Andrew Pontzen and zoologist Dr Tim Cockerill, answer listeners' science questions.

Want to share your views on any of the topics discussed in the programme? Use the comments function on this page or talk about the programme on Twitter using the #insidescience hashtag. 

Listen to Inside Science

Tune in to BBC Radio 4 on Thursday 1 January at 16:30 to listen to this week's programme. More information and a link to listen again later will be available from the BBC's Inside Science pages.   





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