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OU on the BBC: Bringing Up Britain

Updated Monday, 6th January 2014

Mariella Frostrup presents the series that explores the complex realities of parenting in today's Britain.

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Bringing Up Britain presenter Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: BBC In this series of Bringing Up Britain, Mariella Frostrup and guests explore the complex realities of parenting in today's Britain.

The first episode takes a look at money matters by investigating how the subjects of money and finance are being taught at home and in school. 

Dr Rajiv Prabhaka, lecturer in personal finance at the OU was featured in the programme. He says,

"The show discusses how parents or guardians should talk about money with their children. The programme considers what are the best ways of talking about money within the family, should children be shielded from discussing changes in family circumstances and how families might talk about money after the financial crisis." 

The second episode will explore the subject of sibling rivalry. From Cain and Abel to today, Mariella Frostrup and guests discuss how parents should deal with sibling rivalry and whether it can be ended.

The last episode focuses on working mothers. Despite two million mothers now being the family's main breadwinner, how much a mother works and the impact it has on children remains a heated issue. 

Listen to Bringing Up Britain

You can listen to Bringing Up Britain at 20:00 on Wednesday on BBC Radio 4. Visit the BBC website for more information about the programme. Find out more about the topics covered in the series and take our survey to tell us what you think about those issues. You can also see how your responses compare to those of other people.





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