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OU on the BBC: Free Thinking: RIBA

Updated Wednesday 5th March 2014

In this one-off programme recorded in association with The Open University, Free Thinking takes a look at The Brits Who Built the Modern World.

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Free ThinkingThe ideas shaping our lives today - with leading artists and thinkers in extended interview and debate.

In this programme, Philip Dodd chairs a discussion between Terry Farrell, Norman Foster, Nicholas Grimshaw, Michael and Patty Hopkins and Richard Rogers which was recorded on Tuesday 11th March at the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). These architects have come together to share a public platform as part of the Brits Who Built The Modern World season of events, which has included the opening of a new gallery at RIBA, an exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum and a BBC Four TV series.

This programme was first broadcast on BBC Radio 3 on Wednesday 12th March 2014 at 10pm.

Building Stories

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Meet the architects and explore the stories behind some of Britain's most iconic buildings.





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