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OU on the BBC: A History of Ideas Archive

Updated Thursday, 30th October 2014

This major new 60-part radio series offers a fresh take on some of the big philosophical questions of our age. 

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History of Ideas animation Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: BBC Radio 4 offers listeners a fresh take on some of the big questions that have preoccupied thinkers down the ages in a major new 60-part series. 

A series of animated films voiced by actress Gillian Anderson, TV personality Stephen Fry and The Simpsons star Harry Shearer will complement the series.

See the animations via the links below then delve into free courses and interactives from our academics.

About the series

A History Of Ideas takes the listener into some of the most significant ideas in history, with topics ranging from beauty and freedom to technology and morality.
The series will hear from lawyers, philosophers, neuroscientists, theologians and others, all with distinctive takes on the question under consideration. 
Each week will begin on the Monday with four thinkers, preeminent in their respective fields, discussing one specific question - with Melvyn Bragg presiding over the exchange of views. The contributors will then have a chance to develop further their arguments in their own authored programmes from Tuesday to Friday.
Visit the BBC web pages about A History of Ideas to find out more including how to listen on iPlayer. 

The current episodes and animations

Week 3: What does it mean to be me?

Monday 13th April to Friday 17th April 2015
12.04pm on BBC Radio 4



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