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OU on the BBC: A History of Ideas - Seneca and facing death

Updated Thursday 15th January 2015

Our animation reveals what Marx thought about alienation, while in the radio episode, classicist Catherine Edwards looks at Roman philosopher Seneca's thoughts on the fear of death and how it defines humanity. 

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Wednesday, 21st January 2015 12:04 - BBC Radio 4

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On the radio: Catherine Edwards wants to introduce you to the Roman philosopher Seneca. But he's dying. Towards the end of his life Seneca became interested in the idea that only human beings had foreknowledge of their own death. Animals didn't know and Gods didn't die. This singular piece of knowledge gives human life its meaning as well as its burden. Seneca argued that to liberate yourself from the fear of death was a vital part of life. But did his own famous death live up to his beliefs?

In this animation: What did Karl Marx believe about alienation?






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